Company The range of activities is Automotive suppliers. One of the Turkey's leading wheel producers. Command a substantial share of the Turkish market with its large production capacity and wide product range. A significant part of its annual turnover is generated by exports. History mefro-wheels TURKEY has been founded in 1977 by Koç Group with name of Tekersan In 2004 Michelin Group acquired Tekersan In 2005 Michelin Group sold its whole wheel business to mefro. In 2013 It's name changed to mefro-wheels TURKEY 99.8 % of the shares of Tekersan belong to KRONPRINZ AG (One of mefro's Company). Organization Date of Establishment: 1977 Start of Construction: 1978 Start of Production: 1980 Closed Area: 16000 m² Total Area: 69000 m²

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